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6 Features of JLG's Newly Designed Vertical Lift Series

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JLG's traditional vertical lift lines, including 20MVL and 20MSP, have proven to play an integral role at worksites over the last many years. These models have continued to be effective as they are compact and do great in confined spaces. Moreover, they offer a safe and convenient alternative that allows you to reach vertical spaces.

While these models have continued to be highly efficient and are regarded reputably in the industry, however, often they were unable to meet the needs of the construction industry. Hence, there was a need for a new and improved vertical lift series that could meet the requirements of the construction industry while catering to the demands of several other industries.

And thatâ€'s precisely why the JLG E18 was introduced in the market. In this post, we look at some of the most noticeable features of the JLG newly designed vertical lift series. And that's not it. While we discuss the features of the JLG E18 lifts, we will also assess how JLG aerial lift training will help your business make the most out of your investment.

6 Features of JLG's Newly Designed Vertical Lift Series

1. Compact Design and LightWeight
Perhaps the most prominent feature of the newly designed vertical lift series by JLG is its compact design. The aerial lift's compact design allows the equipment to be used in tight spaces where transportability is difficult. Moreover, the customer-driven construct, including the scissor-type steering, makes it one of the most appropriate vertical lift series for the construction industry.

The JLG E18 vertical lift is a low-weight variation of the earlier models. Keeping the weight of the machine low was a crucial redesign consideration which is why the newly designed vertical lift series weighs 1900 lbs (when equipped with the standard platform and weighs slightly more with optional platforms). The machine's light weight allows for maximum maneuverability without compromising on the stability of the equipment.

2. Under Platform Mounted Batteries
The other most promising feature of the JLG E18 lifts is that the batteries are mounted under the platform. This design feature of the aerial lift ensures that the weight distribution on the machine is improved, which serves as an integral feature for aerial lifts, especially when loading and unloading.

3. Lesser Familiarization Time
Since the latest vertically designed lift series is closely aligned with its previous models, there is a lesser need for familiarization for aerial lift operators, for those who have worked with the previous models can conveniently work with the latest one.

Moreover, given that there is familiarization with the latest models, it aids in increasing the efficiency with parts, service and maintenance needs.

4. Compatibility with JLG Handheld Analyzer
The JLG E18 lifts are compatible with the JLG handheld analyzer. The compatibility of the newly designed vertical lift series with JLG handheld analyzer and cable kit allows for improved on-site troubleshooting. Moreover, it also provides a real-time onboard Multi-Display Indicator that helps understand and interpret DTC codes and errors and take appropriate measures to enhance the functionality of the equipment.

5. Ergonomic Controls
As we highlight the new and improved features of the newly designed vertical lift series, let's not forget the ergonomic controls. As mentioned earlier, the equipment has an operator driven design which features an ergonomic joystick, scissor steering, and familiar controls that facilitate ease of entry and exit from the platform. All these usability features are designed with the operator in mind.

6. Enhanced Productivity
While it's not often discussed, but one of the features of the newly designed vertical lift series that we shouldn't miss out on is the enhanced productivity that its improved features offer. The equipment experiences longer-running batteries and several other optional accessories that are designed and attached to the lift to enhance productivity across several industries.

JLG's newly designed vertical lift series is now available. To find out more about the latest models, click here.

How JLG Aerial Lift Training Can Help You Ensure Employee Safety and Maximize Returns on Your Investment?

Using aerial lifts requires a certain level of training that ensures workplace safety. And while training is essential for the safety of the aerial lift operators, it's also critical for the safety and well-being of other employees working on the worksite.

With appropriate JLG aerial lift training, your employees can learn the following aspects of operating the lift and beyond that will help you ensure employee safety while allowing you to maximize returns on your investment.

When the employees at your worksite feel safe, it will have a positive impact on their productivity that will reflect in better and more efficient output and improve the company's bottom line.

If you are investing in the newly designed vertical lift series by JLG and are looking for a reputable JLG aerial lift trainer, your search ends here.

All Purpose Aerial Lift Training offers several training programs for lift operators. Moreover, we also provide Train with the trainer program through online and on-site classes depending on the needs of your business.

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