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Aerial Lift Operator Training FAQs and More

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Aerial Lift Operator Training FAQs and More

Does your business require the use of an aerial lift at the worksite?

If yes, then it’s not always easy to ensure that all your aerial lift workers are certified and trained. And that's why we recommend this post to you.

If you are a business owner or any other person in charge of your company's aerial lift operator’s safety measures, it's common to have several questions about aerial lift safety and training. Moreover, most of the questions you may have are often related to the company’s safety policies and procedures, which help ensure that you provide a safe and secure working environment for your employees.

To help you find the answer to some of the frequently asked questions about aerial lift operator training, we have worked out this post so you can get an insight into some of the aerial lift training certifications and more.

Let’s get started.

Aerial Lift Operator Training – FAQs

What is OSHA Aerial Lift Operator Certification?

While OSHA doesn't offer training programs for aerial lift operators, there's a list of requirements they have shared that the training programs must follow. All Purpose Aerial Lift Training offers OSHA-compliant aerial lift operator training which means that we have aerial lift operator training programs that fulfill all the requirements for OSHA’s aerial lift training.

2. Which Employees Need OSHA Aerial Lift Operator Training?

OSHA aerial lift operator training is required for any employee at the worksite who intends to operate the aerial lift, including all different types of aerial lifts, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, and Genie lifts.

Appropriate aerial lift operator training ensures that your workers learn to operate the equipment safely, ensuring the safety of all the employees at the worksite. Moreover, since training aids in reducing the risk of accidents at the worksite, it also helps ensure that your employees complete their tasks more productively.

3. Does Aerial Lift Operator Training Have to be Always On-site?

Aerial lift operator training is a training program for aerial lift operators that can be conducted on-site. However, that's not absolutely essential.

With advancements in technology, it is now possible to provide online aerial lift training to operators. The trainers virtually demonstrate how to operate the equipment safely as well as share the appropriate protocols essential for safely operating different types of aerial lifts.

If you intend to train your employees regarding aerial lift safety and essential protocols, get in touch with All Purpose Aerial Lift Training. We offer both on-site and online aerial lift operator training. Get in touch with us to find out more about which type of training programs best suits your organization’s need.

4. How Can a Business Ensure that the Employees Receive Aerial Lift Operator Training?

The most convenient and efficient way to ensure that the employees receive aerial lift operator training is to collaborate with a reliable aerial lift operator trainer like All Purpose Aerial Lift Training.

Our training programs are designed to meet all the OSHA requirements for different industries through virtual and on-site training programs. With years of experience, our trainers ensure that when we share training material and resources, the employees gain enough skills and knowledge so they can gain competency to operate different types of aerial lifts on worksites.

5. For How Long are OSHA Compliant Training Certifications Valid?

OSHA-compliant aerial lift operator training certifications are valid for three years from the date of issuance or last renewal.

However, if an aerial lift operator has been involved in an aerial lift accident while operating the aerial lift in an unprofessional or unsafe manner, in that case, it’s critical that you retrain the operator even if the last training certification is valid.

6. When and Why is Recertification Required?

OSHA requires all aerial lift operators to be certified. Moreover, the certificate needs to be renewed once every three years.

As mentioned earlier, if an aerial lift operator is engaged in an accident due to unprofessional and unsafe use of the equipment, a recertification is required.

7. Where Can I Get OSHA Certification for my Employees?

The answer lies right here. Get in touch with All Purpose Aerial Lift Training, and you will find out about all the aerial lift certification courses and training programs we offer. Whether you need online training programs for your aerial lift operators or you want to schedule an on-site training program, our certified trainers are there to meet all your aerial lift operator's training needs.

8. What Type of Aerial Lift Training Do All Purpose Aerial Lift Training?

All Purpose Aerial Lift Training provides various types of training, including online courses, webinars, and 24/7 on-site training. Our experienced and certified trainers offer training programs and resources in English and Spanish to meet the needs of various organizations.

Protect Your Workers with All Purpose Aerial Lift Training

While you may still have many other questions, we hope that the answers to these FAQs have been helpful.

To find out more about aerial lift training requirements or to learn more about essential safety plan for your business that involves the use of aerial lifts, get in touch with All Purpose Aerial Lift Training.

Our training classes make a unique and extensive learning experience for aerial lift operators, which equips them with the essential knowledge and skills required to operate aerial lifts on the worksite safely. We offer various training programs to choose from so you can decide which training program makes the best and most productive for your aerial lift operators.

Learn more about us by getting in touch with our experts at 888-501-1355 today.

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